#kobe – Hashtag LED Key Chain with Easy Clasp


LED LIGHTS ARE COOL – This LED key chain comes engraved with the phrase you see shown. The light attachment features 7 different colors which can be set to 3 modes. Those modes include flashing, fading, and solid. DURABLE AND STURDY – This LED key chain features an engraved cast acrylic clear piece and an L.E.D light base. With its excellent optical clarity and transparency, shatter proof construction, scratch resistant surface, and protection from stain or discoloration over time, your acrylic and base will last a very long time. EVERYTHING INCLUDED YOU NEED – The LED key chain comes with the engraved cast acrylic piece, key chain light base, easy clasp and the battery. The base itself features an on/off switch to save the battery. SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS – The included lithium battery can last up to 2-4 hours. The included battery is a CR1220. PERFECT FOR A GIFT – This is a great opportunity to give a gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Wedding Gifts, or any gift giving holiday. It is even great for groups, corporate events, office parties, a name plate, home decor, restaurants and bars, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more.


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